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Latest Reviews
  • MikeRage - 19-04-2019 8:56:13 am
    1 /10
    This show had a weak season 1 but it got better in season 2 and 3. Now its just garbage and not even Constantine being a regular on the show can save it. I feel sorry for Matt Ryan having to play a dark character like Constantine among the buffoons that are the Legends. Hope we finally get that long awaited season 2 of Constantine. As for Legends, it has become mediocre trash like most CW DC shows.
  • DuckLOVER - 18-04-2019 6:54:01 pm
    10 /10
    It's great. It's perfect for the average dumbass who's interested in history but doesn't care to learn.
  • Jazz8 - 17-04-2019 5:05:08 am
    (Continuation)...makes you wonder wtheck she’s thinking during quiet & chaotic times. Just my two cents, peeps! :)
  • Jazz8 - 17-04-2019 5:02:29 am
    This series is supposed to be a prequel to Z Nation? Hmmm.... Anyhoo, minor SPOILER ALERT!...Look away now if you haven’t seen the show (yet). Sun’s character (Asian Girl) is pretty interesting & compelling despite the fact we don’t understand majority of the words she says till she starts to utter a single word in English & she’s trying but, hey! This is the apocalypse. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stay alive & that’s what makes her character intriguing & makes you wonder WTHeck she’s thinki
  • prymetyme - 16-04-2019 6:21:48 am
    May the GODS be with you! ^_^
  • darkharvest - 15-04-2019 12:19:03 am
    s10 e10 clipwatching.com/17sldjo7j6hb
  • mneilan - 14-04-2019 11:06:11 pm
    game of thrones and walking dead are two of the greatest shows from 2010-2020 decade
  • mneilan - 14-04-2019 11:05:07 pm
    i just wish the first episode leaked like it did a number of years back
  • DuckLOVER - 13-04-2019 4:00:59 pm
    2 /10
    It's really odd how they barely talk in some scenes. They literally just nod or do hand gestures when there's no risk to speaking loudly. It seems like the show is low budget and that's why there aren't any zombies. They're supposed to be in the danger zone, and yet the highest number of zombies we've seen so far was 2. It gets so boring when the character is walking dead slow and you're there watching them walk for a whole minute. Like fuck, do they think I enjoy watching the scenery?
  • darkharvest - 12-04-2019 3:21:26 am
    s17 e5 vshare.eu/p0i08gljmssg.htm
  • Alexzarn - 09-04-2019 6:16:52 pm
    10 /10
    I concur not bad at all. Makers of Banshee maybe?
  • Dyslogix - 08-04-2019 6:41:51 am
    Half of you won't even know who the tick is, you would have to cast your mind back to the late 80's, and let's face it, most of you think the earth was created in the 21st century.
  • prymetyme - 08-04-2019 4:13:03 am
    Hella scary... Not those slow ass zombies from Walking Dead :O
  • Psynne - 08-04-2019 3:26:12 am
    10 /10
    Gorey goodness! This quickly became a favorite and I binge watched all three seasons in a weekend and I didn't even know it until there were no more shows. I'm bummed about that.
  • Kuzzy00 - 07-04-2019 9:48:43 pm
    Just about as mediocre as you'd expect from a religious series. Full of mistakes and the acting is simply unbelievable. Couldn't make it past the first episode.
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